Breaking fasting of PR-UI 2002 ;)

Day/Date: Sunday/Sept 5, 2010
Place: Mang Engking, University of Indonesia, Depok.

Haven’t been hang out for quite a time, we decided to have a breaking fasting together at Depok (and enjoying the memorable place of our beloved college – UI), located at Mang Engking. I went there with my Die, Biyo and Little Rayyan.

We pulled over at Margo City Square first. We wanted to buy a new digicam (as my previous one has broken long time ago). One fun special fact was that the four of us wore KISS tees, only each of the tees has different design & pictures. It was hilarious how people around us must looked at us twice to affirmed what they saw in us, LOL.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of my other friends regarding that I myself had been occupied a lot in taking care of my Rayyan, while Die was drowned deeply in the feast we had, LOL.



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