Ied Mubaraq 1431 H ^^

Happy Ied Mubaraq 1431 !!

Alhamdulillah, Allah still gives me this blessed life to run so I still could enjoy the Ramadhan (though I still couldn’t fasting yet coz I’m still breastfeeding).

First day of Ied, we were going to our grandma’s (from my husband) house at Pd. Gede, then passed by to my parents-in-law’s house at Kranji. The second day were spent on my uncle’s house at Tomang and passed by at Dunkin Donuts, having quality time and conversation over a hot cup of coffee. Nice! 😉

Yet, it was still incomplete since my parents are still at Padang, spending Lebaran there with my sick grandma. I miss them a lot… Hope they always feel hapy there…

And yess! All my maids have back to work again… Wopee! G’bye flu BABU! LOLs.



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