Lunch time with HP Team.

Day/Date: Thursday/Sept 23, 10
Place: Jun Njan Resto, Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan

It’s almost 3 months my office has been working together with HP Team on migrating our Windows system from Windows XP to Windows 7. It’s been almost 3 months we make friends each other as if we are friends from the same company, though we’re not 🙂

Regarding we are still in the situation of Ied Fitr, HP Team invited us, the Desktop Migration Committee, to have lunch together at Jun Njan Resto, Epicentrum Walk. It was fun, full of seafood and veggies (uuu, love it!). I ate too much black pepper crabs that I suddenly felt my head was being pressed down until my back. Oh I am so worry of my cholesterol right now 😦 Gotta have it checked to Prodia a.s.a.p

A cholesterol illness is so not cool, Wed… Not cool at all 😥



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