Labour of Love and Hate.

That is the name of the incoming book that will be published by the Swedish siblings John Resborn & Lena Resborn. While they are still looking for the publisher at their country, they have published the online page titled “Labour of Love and Hate”.

The page says, “This is a documentary project about the people of the underground music scene in South East Asia. About their passion, struggles and everyday life. Check out Information for a more detailed description. Enjoy!”

I have been added to the Group at Facebook. If you’re interested in it, you can go here to join the group.

When I was still in Gelap

This is a good subject actually. It can promote the metal scene in South East Asia to other countries especially in Europe. They have to know that Asia is one of the continents that has the LARGEST number of metalheads in the world. We have different, unique kind of music. And I kinda sure that many people there will be interested in reading these siblings’ book. Hope the book will gain the same attention as the video which was so booming in 2008; Global Metal.

Enjoy reading and gain information about metal in South East Asia 😉


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