Being “plintat-plintut” is definitely NOT COOL! I warn you, guys… Not cool at all. It will just make everything more complicated and everyone will be resentful for you. Plintat-plintut is initially an illness or a sign of someone’s old age. I don’t know in your case, perhaps it includes both. Neither empathy nor respect will you gain from your plintat-plintut attitude.

Frankly speaking, I’m getting itchier and irritated by this uncool behavior of yours. You may not or have not realize it, but I and some others have been sensing this thing many times and it gets even worse in recent days! It’s your loss, really. Our everyday’s assistance will be futile if you’re about to keep the plintat-plintut attitude for the rest of your life.

Who said life would be easy? I’m not complaining… Reminding is more likely. As you know so very well that the world isn’t belong for you only.


PS: For those who don’t know, Plintat-plintut is the anonymity of “affirmation/Explicit”. an attitude where you can’t keep your words/minds for the series of time. You can tell “A”, and in the next day you can tell “B”. And you perhaps can go back to “A” and acting like you never chose “B” before. It’s like… the most irritating “illness” one ever suffered from 😥

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