With the bride-to-be

Feb 26th was the big day for my beautiful niece, Gita. She finally got engaged with her boyfriend. As like what she always told me that she’s been following my step to meet the half-soul from different clan. Since the “Siti Nurbaya” culture that has been long ingrained in our big family crashed down when my cousin, Wiwid, finally got able to ignore her parents’ will to “match-making” her to their desirable man and was succeeded in convincing them that the match-making era is so last decade and it is an era where we chose our own destiny, coz we – alone – will be the one who walk on the path we chose, not them.

In short, I’m so happy for her, the family is so happy for her as well. Hope everything will go smoothly and without any severe constraint. Until that day come, the day when they hold the sacred oath together for the rest of their lives.

To love and to be loved.

Oh how I always feel happy everytime I hear news about those I love getting married or having a baby. ;p



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