[Crazy] Girls day out! [May 29, 2011]

At class, working some “Public Speaking” task from the lecture [2004]

I can’t recall when was the last time this complete formation gathered together and had some fun. I guess it was back then at college time [2004 maybe! Gosh… It’s been too long!]. Anyway, regarding that one of my crazy babes, Rya, already got his permanent residence at Sweden [She’s marrying a Swedish man & also has been working there for years] and will have her flight there tomorrow, so yesterday we arranged this farewell-kinda-like meeting in complete formation. Indah‘s home was picked as the spot and Citos was the meeting point.

Went out from home at 10 am, went back at 5 pm. So it was quite clear how a blasting quality time we had. Talked and shared lots of stories, updates and reminiscences. I brought my Little Rayyan and his nanny with me, so I would be able to hang out and had some lunch at the mall and left my son with his nanny so I could have more of time to spare with my girls. Besides, Rayyan was busy playing with Indah’s three cute daughters ^^

One thing that makes us laugh out loud about. After many years been living our lives separately, we’re surprisingly married the men with same before-married status; bunch of widowers! Really, dude! No idea how could we have same kind of faith like that? Yahiha-ha!



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