Trick or treat?

Why do many people love drama?

Why do they love seeing a woman cries out loud for letting the man she loves go and never come back? Or to see Romeo and Juliet must end that way and gave up their love in the hand of the death?

Why do they cry seeing Hachiko dies after been waiting his master at the railway station for almost a decade? Yet, those saddest moments are their faves? How come it can be like that? A pleasure in a misery? How sick are we?

You don’t choose who you like to write your story for you. You don’t pick what scenes you wanna play your role in or how deep your participation for others’ roles in life. You’re not the director of your life, you’re not even the scriptwriter. So, do those make people unconsciously unsatisfied with their own lives so they have to have another “drama-moment”?

How many people you have met are such drama queens? How many of those ‘queens’ that you even like? No one, yes? Yet, you keep watching Korea series with flood of tears and wet tissue while yelling on Twitter to #nomention “Stop being such a drama queen!”. If that’s not pathetic, can you help me finding another appropriate word for that?

Really, people… Buy a mirror, please 🙂

Not being here to be judgmental, but for me this life ALLAH SWT gives to us is quite a drama already. What’s funny is that sometimes people seem not having enough of drama that they’re willing to lurk for one in all life aspects they can find, either in their lives or others’.

Pitifully funny, maybe. I wish they could actually watch themselves in the screen as they’re playing the role and got laughed at themselves. Something you wouldn’t see ones admit it.

Even, most of the time people include / force others to participate to their drama. Most likely to watch, though they’ll constantly wait for their names to be called and start playing their own roles and they’ll start acting the way others are expecting. They’ll build mutual need for one another. In the end, a rope will be folded in each of everyone’s nape and hands and a pair of invisible hands will move the ropes to every angle it want.

Seriously, people are becoming puppets in their own lives and they keep saying, “I live my life and no one can take it away from me”?

Something to think about. Drama really sucks out our self-awareness and the fragile sanity isn’t it?

Frankly speaking, being a drama queen sometime helps you from being a puppet of your own 🙂


Picture taken from here
Edited by me


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