Anak daro jo marapulai.

My husband’s family got another Padangnese law, lol.

Yesterday one of my husband’s cousin was getting married with a Minangkabau descendant man. So, obviously it was a Minangkabau-themed party. Held in Departemen Agama Lapangan Banteng, I coquettishly tried the fake eyelashes that day. Haha! Yea rite, me :p

My conclusion was, “Cape ya boook kalo jadi atau pake sesuatu yang palsu!”

If it’s not a worth-to-wear event, I swear I won’t wear fake eyelashes just to make my eyes prettier. I agree they looked prettier, but I can’t agree more that “To be beautiful is hurt” and by all means it refers to the make-up, uncomfy outfits and a pair of towering shoes.



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