A prayer has been said in vain
Whispering the unsaid poet
Which neither ears nor eyes could catch
Low-pitched, sad nuance

She wishes she would never know
She’d rather be playing dead
Slumbering inside a mystical fortress
Ignite. Inside

Curses have been cast discreetly
She tries to reduce the sound of a heartbeat
Pounding over the whole room like rows of carnival
Pressing down clapping emotions
To the limit. Through the exit

The time stop ticking when it happened
Her world collapsed, when the time still
An open mouth and a muffled sound
Eyes wide up, staring as if they permeating
Through the thick wall, all shall fall

On the moment like this,
She would pay for a grave with her name written on
And a bouquet of black roses which don’t want visitors
A dreamy death she can’t have

She would love to have sticks embedded
To her eyes, to her ears
Mostly to her heart
And when it stops
She would worry nothing
Her heart is safe to where it belong
And would go nowhere near, nowhere far



Pic taken from here


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