All I Need cover (A small bday present for my trouble rocker).

Salam ‘alaikum folks 🙂

I’ve been making this video for the past 3  days, secretly. I didn’t want my husband knows it before this video is  uploaded and published :p

Btw, I recorded the song “All I Need  – Within Temptation” hurriedly and with lack of preparation. According  to the plan, I wanted to record the song in Angga’s house (Gelap’s  guitarist) coz he has more complete recording tools. But apparently the recording session I was doing with GELAP last week took more time than  we predicted. In the end I didn’t get the chance to record this song  (hiks…). So pardon me for the bad sound. Not just bcoz I’m in a bad flu now (DOH!), but also bcoz I recorded it with only a  headset, not a mic. Hahaha… whateverrr 😀

Happy birthday Dudulsku… May Allah SWT always give you healthiness-happiness-hotness  forever, hehehehe… Aku sayang kamu, teruuuuus :-*



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