8th Anniversary of DapurLetter

Memories with DL team – 2009 (Warung Anglo, Bulungan)
Memories with DL team – 2009 (Pelangi, Sudirman)

Memories with DL team – 2009 (Solaria Sky Dining – Pelangi, Sudirman)

Photo session I ever done with DapurLetter for this article (2008)
Last night I and hubby fulfilled the invitation from one of the most notorious underground media – where happened to be the place we’ve ever contributed in for several months – named DapurLetter (DL). DL was having its 8th anniversary party last night at Mario’s Place, Cikini. Starting from around 6:30 pm until almost 1:30 am, there were lots of amazing bands contributed in this event, such as Grausig, Prosatanica, Melody Maker, SBY (Social Black Yelling), Ivy, Star, and closed by beautiful jamming session between John Paul Ivan (Boomerang’s ex-guitarist) and Robby Matulandi (ex-Vocalist Edane).

The saddest moment was when the ceremonial session where Aziz gave speech about the history of DL since it was born until now. His struggling through years to support underground scene without any strings attached. It made us cry in silence seeing him memorizing all of the ups and downs of DL. I personally salute this man for his dedication to underground scene.

We salute you, DapurLetter, and happy fucking 8th birthday!! \m/


Lafarrrs, mamam duyuuu ^^

Duet maut. Ya, kami wanita2 yang sungguh menyukai foto2 di restroom! :))

Renny says, “we’re the emak-emak durhaka” LOL (Renny, Me, Irma)

Me & Umi. The Dark Knights ^^
Ika, my friend. Guitarist of Ivy
Me & Aziz the Cicek 😀

MORFEM! I love their music!
Hubby & Aziz

John Paul Ivan jamming with Robby Matulandi
Arockguns! Yeah, bawaannya mau goyang denger band ini ^^
With Heri, mameen! (Heri, drummer of Gelap)

Telanjangin Aziiiiiz!! 😀

Me with Sir John 😀
Hubby with Sir John
Me, Heri & Irma after the show
Aftershow madness :p
Happy 8th fucking birthday, DL!! Salute! \m/

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