Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kriwil!

Dear Rayyan…
Two years ago, when the first time I heard your crying… I felt like nothing is comparable to this gift of having you in my life. It was so painful, nak… delivering you to this world. I gave my whole life to be able to deliver you safely. But the pain didn’t even last long. All changed to the infinite happiness. Carrying you, breastfeeding you, playing with you, staring at you while you’re sleeping… Who could predict all those simple things can bring amazing effect in my heart? My heart felt soo happy it almost ached. I have you. I’m a mommy now… =’>
A year ago, you were just able to walk steadily & without any guardian. One step, two steps.. Then you could walk more than 6 steps. I almost cried my tears out seeing you mastered another thing in your life! Slowly you were able to sing, to clap your hands, to nod your head when you agree or to shook when you disagree, to kiss your mommy & daddy and to wave us goodbye when we were off to work. My lil creature has grown to be such an amazingly smart & healthy baby! Thanks to Allah SWT who always gives me strength every time I’m feeling down and thanks to Him as well to give me such a priceless gift: breast milk I could feed you for a year with breast milk only without any additional cow, goat / soya milk. You have no idea the struggle I had to face in order to feed you with my milk only, boy. I was about to give up, but somehow I knew I could pass all the obstacles for you. You always brought back my spirit to be able to give you the best. I was so proud of you, Dek.
And now… after another year, look at you, son… Happy. Healthy. Naughty. Smart and Wavy *lol*. What more can I ask for? I never stop thanking Allah SWT for His never-ending blessing towards my family, towards you. You are more than you think you are to me. You are indefinable to me…
Your wish is my command, nak… I love you more than you know. Happy 2nd anniversary ya, boy *hi-five*
Semoga jadi jagoan mama & papa, prajurit Allah yang bisa membanggakan negara… Aamiin aamiin YRA.
Your biggest fan in the world,

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