[Daily Style] Green, Pink, Blue & Brown

Salam ‘alaikum all! Just wanna share you another hijab from Zirraa Olshop. Now they already have a Twitter account [yeaay!]. Follow them at @zirraaolshop ^^
I just got some new song materials for my music project with Angga [@blecemot]. Hopefully we could recording them soon. I still have to finish the lyrics [Darn! Why is it so hard for me to write lyrics than to write poems?]. Wish us luck, guys šŸ˜‰

Green polkadot pashmina

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Floral satin pashmina

Headband is also from Zirraa

Blue stripe pashmina

From the side

Brown floral pashmina

Wearing Nightwish tees to office. Coz TGIF! ^^

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