[Daily Style] Little dots

Salam ‘alaikum blog readers! ^^

You know what? I think I really should loose some weight. If I wear black, it wouldn’t be a matter. But if I wear white, then yes… The truth was finally revealed. I’m HUGE!! I mean… I haven’t get my normal weight since my first delivery. I still need to loose 5 – 10 more kilos to be able to keep my body healthy & curvy.. NOT SKINNY. I hate being too skinny.
When I wore this dotting white hijab, I felt it. My cheeks looked super chubby! Yaiks! I couldn’t stand seeing my face in front of the mirror to see those melon-like cheeks!
I hope the upcoming Ramadhan month can help me throw some useless fat. I hope. I really should erase my fave tagline, “Diet always starts tomorrow!” It’s not good. It is not. It is >____<
PS: Pashmina from @ZirraaOlshop

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