[Event] A friend’s wedding party

Salam ‘alaikum all
Frankly speaking, I’m not a wedding party junkie. Really, I hate going to a wedding party. Not that I don’t want to celebrate my friend’s happiness in his/her big day, but I’d rather go to a simple, sacred wedding syukuran than a big wedding party at a fancy building, full of starving unmannered people scrambling for foods like they haven’t eaten for months!
Tarzan & friends inside a fancy modern building. That’s what I call the wedding invitees who took all the food without blinking. And yes I hate it. I hate it that they prefer to collect as much food as their tummies can afford rather than sending a sincere pray for the newlywed. They’d rather commenting about the taste of the food / the makeup of the bride rather than mingling with friends & colleagues & have other nice conversation than just a makeup / food.
Skeptical. Yes I am. Proudly 😀
But anyway. Yesterday is one of my closest colleagues – Dini [@difara5] – who was having her wedding party at Auditorium Kementrian Pertanian, South Jakarta. After been missing the previous two / three wedding parties of my other colleagues couple months ago, I finally decided to go to her party. Met many colleagues, ate some food *without cutting the queue like other fat-collector mommas who often did that in many wedding parties* & took pictures with friends & the newlywed. It was short, only an hour & then we went home *we took the same cab back & forth. We asked the driver to wait :p*
Have a SaMaWa marriege to Dini & Fachrul. May Allah SWT always bless your family with a simple unforgettable happiness, aamiin… ^^
PS: Oh yeah, I was wearing my Mom’s dress! Hahaha.. You think I would spend money for a pink dress? Yea rite. Eat me! :)) [Purple Cerruti Chiffon pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop]


Presents ^^

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