Finally be able to deliver my long silent desire to capture every moment of life using a proper tool

Yuk, kita ngejepret yuk! ^^

Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Lens: 18 – 55 mm [Kit] – Canon
           50mm f1.8 [Fix] – Canon


One hall in my office

Kiblat pertama fotografi ku ^^

This is what happen if you didn’t have enough fun in your childhood :p
Black & white

To punch someone, the size of your fist isn’t the matter, the size of your ring is, lol

The key to whose heart?
The place where I go hell & back to search some temporary heaven for my family 🙂

Coffee, please?

My son’s cup


Cabheum! Rayyan’s fave doll

Yeah.. Like father like son –“



Mom, let me take pictures of you!

Hmmm, how bout changing your pose, Mom?

Okay, say cheese!


Mom, you’re not listening to me! >___<

With his new toy

Tetep ye itu empeng ga dilepas2 –“
With his fave toy :p

Selingkuh :p
Sleep, baby… Sleep

What keeps you awake. What keeps you aware

Rasuna Said, one morning from my workspace window
Dream high… And colorful ^^

Gajah kebluk!

My new gun 😉

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