A very sad news about Multiply…

Dear Multiply,

I’ll sound so exaggerate in this entry but I think I won’t have nothing to lose anyway. After a while I haven’t posted anything in Multiply anymore, this time just minutes ago I wanted to post something to this fave site of mine. I was so shocked reading the “welcome letter” after clicking the “go” button for http://www.multiply.com

I swallowed the information so slowly I had to read it several times before really comprehending its meaning.


Multiply has been my best social media buddy for the past 8 year since the first time I registered in here in 2004 [though my first post was on Jan 2005]. IMO, it has the most complete form of social media: you love blogging, it has the journal section. You love music, you can add any music you like in the music section. You like to upload your video[s], it provides you also to the video section. Like to review albums / books / movies? Go to the review section. Or you simply want to share your pics, you can upload as many pictures as you want. See? Multiply is a one-stop social media for me. It can fulfill my thirst over writing, narcissism, analytical thoughts, arts, music, movies, books… ANYTHING!

And now they’re stopping its function and turning it to a marketplace website! *thunders boomed*

There’s nothing I can do now then packing up all my stuffs here and find another “home” that as comfy as this one – if there any. I know I have been hanging around on Twitter & Blogspot for too long and been abandoning this site, but it doesn’t mean that I have completely forgotten Multiply. I’m still in love with this site, I just being lost for some period of time.

But then I have to stop using Multiply. We – MPers – have to stop using Multiply. This is a heartbreak. Call me an exaggerated chick but really, letting go a virtual friend you’ve been with for 8 years is not a piece of cake, esp. when it stores so many sweet and bitter memories about you & be a virtual witness of the life processing of your self-actualization & self-appreciation. I grew up – mentally & psychologically with this site. Multiply has accompanying me in going through my emotional blow & my raging hormones in my teen life. It knows when I fell in love. It knows when I was down & drowned by love. It knows when I almost lost my hope to Allah & my religion. It knows…

And it will be gone soon, in any day now…

I’m most-likely moving to another home, though I won’t forget Multiply for the rest of my life. I’ll be missing my MPers buddies here; Michael, Nena, Rully, Yelli, Aqse, Mba Diyah, Anjas, Riaa, Mina, Youlee, Esti, Haris, Ihwan, Iie Mistymind, Ipoel, Ira, Jimmy, Julio, Kokoksaja [I don’t even know his real name till now, LOL], Loki, Hellmeed [Where is he now ya?], Meytri, gothmina, Murni, Maya, Nonuz, Novieta, Ogie, Oddie [But he’s in my TL anyway so…], and other 400 contacts of mine. Gonna miss you all really! And damn my facebook page is not in its proper shape! :'((

Well, guess that’s all I wanna say. I canceled my plan to post all entries that I have posted in my Blogger before and decided to post this one. Might be my last post in Multiply. Fuck I’m so sad! :'(((

See ya guys my MPer buddies in another home, different home for each person I guess 🙂 God Bless Multiply :-*



5 thoughts on “A very sad news about Multiply…

  1. Sooo true! I gues for the old MPers like us, being sad is not that exaggerating isn't it? I think it's quite normal, considering all the writings, pics, music & reviews we've put in this socmed 😦

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